Marketing Courses and Case Studies


Marketing Courses and Case Studies

For people who have an eye for marketing strategies, but are not able to put the skills to use, this specialization offers the ideal platform. The Specialization in Marketing & Real Estate looks into real estate and marketing practices. The focus is on the branding and promotional aspects of real estate. To address brand communication within a digital context, students learn various strategic marketing tactics and applications, using a combination of theory and application.

Students in the specialization learn the core concepts of Digital Marketing. They learn how to create and develop digital marketing strategy and learn about the importance of search engine optimization. They also learn the core principles of advertising theory and utilize advanced placement targeting, pay per click management and content marketing. This specialization explores various facets of the ever changing digital marketing environment, such as topics like digital marketing analytics, social networking marketing, digital media marketing, 3D printing, and search engine marketing.

Those who are looking for a more hands-on learning experience, where they can apply their newly-acquired knowledge directly, should consider Learning Management System (LMS). This LMS provides students with the ability to learn through a range of engaging and relevant instructional technologies. In addition, the program incorporates an extensive set of LMS learning components that enables learners to effectively learn from the program and apply the knowledge in a variety of self-directed learning activities.

One of the key components of LMS is the case study feature. This feature allows learners to learn through a hypothetical marketing scenario, which helps them gain deeper insights into the subject. Case study is particularly effective when used with fresh graduates because they have little exposure to the real marketing scenario. This will increase the chances that the learners will retain the essential knowledge.

Another important LMS component is experiential learning. Experiential learning can be used for a wide number of purposes. It can be used as a reference guide by learners or it can be used to help them develop problem solving skills during the course. The two types of experiential learning are video and non-virtual, which can be very useful for Marketing professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of Marketing and how it applies to their professional life.

Marketing is a rapidly changing field and a successful Marketing Professional needs to be constantly up-to-date on all aspects. They should not only be aware of new tools and techniques but should also be familiar with the different ways in which marketing affects organizations. Marketing Courses are a great way to learn about marketing as a whole. When undertaken properly, they can lead to successful careers, but only if the learner is committed to learn all that is covered. LMS courses and case study provide the perfect platform for those committed learners who are looking to excel in this exciting field.