How to Make Money Online Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How to Make Money Online Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers and target specific audiences. YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace are some of the more popular SMM platforms that have been around for several years. Facebook, of course, is currently the biggest social media platform of choice for many companies, including those specializing in e-commerce businesses.

YouTube is perhaps the largest social media platform, and is second only to Facebook. The video sharing website has over one billion daily users and continues to grow. In fact, studies show that more than half of all internet traffic is coming from videos posted on YouTube. It is also linked to the second most popular social media platform, LinkedIn, which is also proving highly successful.

As a business owner or an internet marketer, you should definitely consider creating an account on either Facebook or Twitter. The two websites provide great functionality and allow you to reach millions of users each day. In fact, these two social media platforms are perfect for marketing your product or service, since Facebook is often considered as an effective gateway to selling products, while Twitter can be used to attract new clients and build brand awareness for your company.

If you belong to an e-commerce company, it is recommended that you take full advantage of YouTube and Instagram by posting quality content, such as videos and informative articles, related to your business. Facebook, on the other hand, is an excellent advertising platform for small businesses and is ranked first in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. Businesses advertising on Facebook are seeing more conversions, meaning people actually clicking on the links contained in the advertisements, than they are on Google, the next highest search engine. Since there are approximately 360 million Facebook users worldwide, this translates into an incredible opportunity for e-commerce businesses to advertise their products to potential customers, as well as generate leads and generate sales.

With Facebook ads, you will be able to control the size of your ads, which can range in size from one tiny photo to a sprawling 2 megapixel image ad. Since the demographic of Facebook users are mostly college students, the images on the right side of your ads are ideal for them. You can easily change the demographics of your ads by the click of a button, so that you can target specific groups of people, such as those who are interested in college life or those interested in cute animals. In addition, using Facebook video ads, like the ones you can see on the left side of your Facebook home page, is a great way to create brand awareness for your e-commerce websites. Video ads will allow you to reach out to a wider audience and will have a higher chance of converting a viewer into a buyer.

Finally, by using Instagram ads, you can increase your overall exposure. While Facebook and Twitter allow users to broadcast to their friends, the only way to really be seen by your target audience is through instagram stories ads. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, instagram ads show up on user’s pages when they take a picture with their smartphone, and also appear above pictures posted by their friends. This creates a viral effect and will help to raise your brand visibility, since your followers or fans will see your ad and will probably follow or “like” it. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, it will not show up until someone takes a picture with their instagram camera, providing instant exposure to your brand.