Social media optimization (SMO) is the strategic use of various social media networks and sites to promote a company or product. Although the terms digital and e-marketing are often dominant in academic circles, social media optimization is quickly becoming more popular not only for researchers and practitioners, but for everyday consumers. For example, SMO can be used by a doctor to promote his practice, an entertainment agency to promote its newest show, or a Wall Street Journal writer to inform her readers about a new piece of news. The obvious benefits of SMO marketing are that the audience does not need to have a background in a particular field, and many times the reach of such advertisements is much wider than a traditional advertisement would be.

But what is SMO more than a traditional marketing strategy? A good SMO agency will take a comprehensive approach to optimizing social media campaigns. From brand building, to content strategy, to search engine optimization and link building, a quality SMO provider will put together a comprehensive plan for a client’s business. While a SMO agency may not have the capacity to create a completely unique campaign from scratch, a capable company can create a campaign that closely mirrors a client’s current marketing strategy.

One of the most important elements of a social media agency’s marketing plan is their understanding of brand power. A strong social media agency will build up a consistent brand presence over time. This will help establish a client as an expert in their field, and they will gain a sense of trust. The brand equity, a brand builds up will translate into increased sales, and increased brand awareness. The more links a brand has, the more exposure they receive, and the more people see their brand, the more likely it will become a top priority on the search engine results page. A SMO firm will be able to build up a strong social media presence through relevant and meaningful exchanges with businesses, celebrity endorsements, and positive press releases.

The second most critical element of a solid marketing plan for a SMO agency is customer service. The ability of a social media agency to provide quality customer service will ensure the success of any marketing campaign. Many SMO agencies provide a customer service hotline or a dedicated customer service agent to handle customer calls and concerns. A customer service representative will have extensive knowledge of any industry-related issues and will have expertise in the area of the marketing plan’s goals.

An effective social media agency will have a thorough understanding of their client’s target audience. They will be able to determine what keywords and keyword phrases are best used to draw in potential customers. Additionally, the research and knowledge of the agency will allow them to identify the best websites and blogs to use within their marketing campaigns. The SMO provider will also be able to determine the most popular social media networks, and will monitor the progress of their clients’ efforts to achieve good rankings on these sites. By having an understanding of the target audience of the specific brand or product being promoted, and the best ways to appeal to this target audience, a social media agency can be an incredible asset to a company.

Finding a reputable social media agency to represent your brand or product is imperative to your company’s future growth and success. The right company can make the difference between a SMO firm that has your best interests in mind, and one that does not. A social media agency that is talented, experienced, and focused on providing you with the best service possible will be able to help you capitalize on the power of the internet. They will understand the importance of SEO and internet marketing, and how it is a powerful form of advertising. To find a social media agency that can provide you with the best representation for your marketing efforts, consult a trusted networking expert.