Clubhouse Marketing: How It Can Help Your Business

Clubhouse Marketing takes the audio experience to an entirely new level. As Clubhouse gains popularity, many are jumping on the band wagon to create buzz and get more exposure for their upcoming events. As Clubhouse grows in size and influence, many entrepreneurs are left wondering if it’s smarter to be an entrepreneur, rather than become a Clubhouse member. And with that, Clubhouse Marketing has become the new form of social media marketing; not entirely unlike podcasts, but interactive, unscripted, and informative; something you and your friends can interact with to create buzz and make money!

Clubhouse Marketing isn’t a brand or a business per se. Rather, it is a marketing strategy that uses social media as a platform for developing brand recognition, increasing visibility, and creating relationships with customers. It is a strategy that allows you to be heard beyond the walls of your email, podcast, video channels, and social media outlets. Rather, it’s a unique combination of an existing business with the opportunity to leverage social media and its millions of followers. That’s because Clubhouse brings together all of those elements into one neat package-an audio/video blog that you can host and post to your social media outlets.

To begin, you create an account, invite guests, add content, and start having conversations with them. Clubhouse features the ability to create profiles, which allow you to invite guests based on location, interests, and demographics. You can also join forums and place threads that are visible to your audience. You can also leave comments on other people’s blogs and threads, and connect with the people through Facebook and Twitter. You can build relationships with many of these individuals, and over time, those connections will grow into loyal customers who want to hear what you have to say next.

The real power of Clubhouse Marketing lies in the viral nature of its interactive nature. Because you can record your podcasts, and then upload them to your own social media sites, you create a direct link between your company and your listeners. People see your podcast feed, come to your website, listen to your discussions, and interact with you and other members of the Clubhouse community. Each time they return to the site, they are exposed to new and useful information about your brand.

Many social media platform owners are turning their apps into Clubhouse Marketing vehicles as well. Many apps provide easy access to podcasts so that marketers can have conversations with their audience, and build strong relationships within their groups. With the development of the Apple Podcasts application and the ongoing evolution of the networking world, Clubhouse Marketing could become a truly viable strategy for mobile marketers. The application is available through the iTunes store for free, but paying a small one time fee may get you quick boosts in popularity and traffic. If you have an iPhone, you will love listening to your podcasts through the Podcast app.

If you have not yet created a social media platform for your business’ needs, you should consider doing so right away. The Clubhouse application allows you to connect with your customers in ways that simply cannot be reached by email, social media, or direct mail. In addition to Clubhouse Marketing advantages, a social app offers several other opportunities for marketers looking to create a viral marketing strategy around their products and services. Once you have built a community around your product or service, you can use the app to conduct customer feedback surveys, give out advice to clients, create a Q&A section on your site, or anything else that you can think of that would make it easy for you and your customers to share valuable information.