Marketing Courses and Case Studies


Marketing Courses and Case Studies

For people who have an eye for marketing strategies, but are not able to put the skills to use, this specialization offers the ideal platform. The Specialization in Marketing & Real Estate looks into real estate and marketing practices. The focus is on the branding and promotional aspects of real estate. To address brand communication within a digital context, students learn various strategic marketing tactics and applications, using a combination of theory and application.

Students in the specialization learn the core concepts of Digital Marketing. They learn how to create and develop digital marketing strategy and learn about the importance of search engine optimization. They also learn the core principles of advertising theory and utilize advanced placement targeting, pay per click management and content marketing. This specialization explores various facets of the ever changing digital marketing environment, such as topics like digital marketing analytics, social networking marketing, digital media marketing, 3D printing, and search engine marketing.

Those who are looking for a more hands-on learning experience, where they can apply their newly-acquired knowledge directly, should consider Learning Management System (LMS). This LMS provides students with the ability to learn through a range of engaging and relevant instructional technologies. In addition, the program incorporates an extensive set of LMS learning components that enables learners to effectively learn from the program and apply the knowledge in a variety of self-directed learning activities.

One of the key components of LMS is the case study feature. This feature allows learners to learn through a hypothetical marketing scenario, which helps them gain deeper insights into the subject. Case study is particularly effective when used with fresh graduates because they have little exposure to the real marketing scenario. This will increase the chances that the learners will retain the essential knowledge.

Another important LMS component is experiential learning. Experiential learning can be used for a wide number of purposes. It can be used as a reference guide by learners or it can be used to help them develop problem solving skills during the course. The two types of experiential learning are video and non-virtual, which can be very useful for Marketing professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of Marketing and how it applies to their professional life.

Marketing is a rapidly changing field and a successful Marketing Professional needs to be constantly up-to-date on all aspects. They should not only be aware of new tools and techniques but should also be familiar with the different ways in which marketing affects organizations. Marketing Courses are a great way to learn about marketing as a whole. When undertaken properly, they can lead to successful careers, but only if the learner is committed to learn all that is covered. LMS courses and case study provide the perfect platform for those committed learners who are looking to excel in this exciting field.

Linkedin Marketing Tips For Beginners

LinkedIn Marketing has many benefits for both companies and their customers. One of the most exciting aspects of LinkedIn Marketing is that it’s completely free. Companies who haven’t started using LinkedIn yet will quickly realize how powerful it can be for gaining targeted business through connections. Here are five ways to really ramp up your LinkedIn marketing:

Linkedin Marketing

Use great images. Great photos can really increase your company page visibility and increase your conversions. LinkedIn has an extensive collection of images that look great for both your home page and your business page. Try to incorporate as many of them as possible into your marketing content. Highlight some key points about your company and use images that illustrate key points or demonstrate a new concept.

Use sponsored content. The ability to incorporate sponsored content right within your marketing content gives you the ability to tailor your messages to your audience at a much more personalized level. Just like on your home page, links within Sponsored content are hyperlinked to your brand’s website, where you can then share additional information, products and/or services relevant to your audience. For example, when I was writing an article about social media I included a link to Buffer which is a fantastic social media management tool. It allowed me to really engage with my audience and build trust with them because they were able to see that I was taking care of a very important business concern.

B2B marketing. LinkedIn Marketing is a great way to engage with your audience because it allows you to expand your reach by reaching out to your B2B audience. B2B marketing is a more in-depth approach to marketing, and involves engaging with businesses who work in the same vertical as your own. In order to be successful you should develop a strategy that helps you build a connection and offer them something unique to attract their attention and interest. There are many ways in which you can promote yourself and your business on LinkedIn including: connecting with people in your industry, creating content and sharing videos and information, and sharing services and products.

Use digital marketing. A digital marketing strategy is a more hands on approach that you can do from the comfort of your home and at any time. Digital marketing uses the power of the internet and the digital networks to connect with your target audience on a more personal level. There are many options available that will help you market your business, but using the services of a digital marketing strategist like Digital Marketing New Zealand (DMLz) will help you leverage technology to your advantage and create the impact that you’re looking for.

Work closely with Content Marketing professionals. Content marketing professionals have the experience and knowledge in SEO, link building, PPC and other online marketing techniques. If you’re not an experienced marketer, then it’s important that you engage the services of a professional to get the most from your website. These experts have the ability to work closely with your content, ensuring that you are providing high quality content that your target audience will value and enjoy. The use of Content Marketing can be one of the most effective tools that you can use in order to grow your business quickly and attract new customers.

How to Use Content Marketing Automation to Attract More Customers to Your Site

If you want to transform your website into an information-based business, you need to invest some time, energy, and money into content marketing. Content marketing is important because it gives your customers a chance to get to know your website and your brand before they ever arrive at your site. This gives them a chance to feel like they know more about you and your business than your competitors, and this will ultimately lead to higher conversions (clicks, sales, referrals). In addition, content marketing helps your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and your online reputation.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential for any website. Content is a key component of any internet marketing strategy, and is frequently used in conjunction with SEO to transform your website into an information-based business. Whether your website sells shoes or provides general consumer information, content inbound marketing strategies are important for attracting buyers and improving your SEO.

Content can also help you to nurture leads. Leads are potential customers who we call “qualified leads” – people who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. By using content marketing techniques on your website, you can attract these qualified leads and encourage them to complete either a purchase transaction or to call you to learn more. Content can provide information about your company, your products and services, and everything else you have to offer, so it’s important to always be thinking about how to improve the way your website functions – both inbound and outbound.

There are many different ways to engage in content marketing through HubSpot, including publishing new articles and blog posts. Article marketing is a popular strategy that involves using keyword-optimized keywords in the text of an article to attract traffic and improve search engine results rankings. HubSpot provides users with the capability to publish articles quickly and easily. You do not need to write the article yourself; you can hire writers to do the job for you. With the help of content marketing automation, you can focus on other aspects of your business while the writers do their jobs, thus reducing your workload.

Another popular HubSpot strategy for inbound marketing is email marketing strategy. The idea behind this strategy is to provide your audience with insightful information that they will find valuable. For example, if you created a blog post about creating content for the fall season, you would add a link to your website at the end of the blog post, so that visitors who read your blog posts can visit your website to learn more about creating content for fall. In addition to providing useful information, you would add some SEO-rich keywords in your email signature, as well as an optin form to capture email addresses. By sending emails to your subscribers about your blog posts, you can build a list of potential buyers for products or services that you currently offer.

Finally, the Content Marketing Institute recommends that you create an SEO-friendly website. You would not want to attract a new audience to your site through an ugly website. The Content Marketing Institute suggests that you should go for professional design, as it helps your site stand out from the rest. By incorporating an SEO-friendly layout and by designing the site in a way that is more user-friendly than others, you will attract a greater number of visitors. It might also be worth your while to hire an expert for the task.

Creating Your Own Local Knowledge Area With Weibo Marketing

Although Weibo no longer rules China s online social space, it’s still growing fast (read sections below) and is a must-have for online brands wishing to gain online visibility in China. There are 5 main avenues for online brands wishing to gain exposure in China: Weibo Influencers campaigns, Weibo tagging, Weibo videos and microblogging. The secret to getting the most from these efforts lies in the integration of all of these strategies. To help you better understand how to integrate these strategies, we’ve outlined the different ways Weibo helps brand names gain online presence. By understanding how the different strategies work and why they work – you’ll be better placed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Weibo.

Weibo-triggered campaigns A well-designed Weibo campaign will entice users to repost your content with the #hashtag associated to your brand. For example, if your brand manages Chinese fenugreek supplements, you might want to upload a promotional clip highlighting one of the many benefits of consuming Chinese holidays using the keyword “Chinese New Year.” When someone searches for the keyword “Chinese New Year” using the Weibo search engine, they’ll see your promotional clip, get curious and repost the link on their own Weibo page or onto Weibo blogs and microblogs elsewhere in the web. If you use this strategy correctly, you can expect up to 15% of your targeted audience reposting your link. Another important aspect of this strategy is that the reposts will likely be picked up by other users and may result in increased visibility for your brand.

Weibo-tinging microblogging campaigns This microblogging tool enables users to easily repost and distribute promotional Weibo content to popular Weibo microblogs throughout the Chinese market. You can use this strategy effectively for monitoring and tracking Weibo trends, as well as for generating backlinks to your website. Because microblogs are generally updated more often than traditional websites, microblogging makes it easier to target specific keyword terms. When employing this marketing strategy, be sure to include keywords in your tags. Using Weibo as an ideal platform for advertising is only the first step; if you want to enjoy success with this marketing content delivery system, you need to invest in effective keyword strategies.

Verification As previously mentioned, one of the benefits of using the Weibo trending tag is that it lets you verify your authenticity with your followers. To verify your Weibo account, follow the steps outlined in the “awedoken testing” process (you can find detailed instructions on Weibo’s website). Once your verification process has been successfully completed, you will need to assign a trending label to each post. Be sure to use appropriate trending labels, such as trending towards Chinese New Year, for appropriate posts. Be sure to create at least one new post each day in order to maximize the Weibo’s free advertising potential.

Social Media Tips For Using Weibo As A Platform for Internet Marketing Weibo is primarily a microblogging platform, which makes it a good fit for sharing news stories, videos, pictures, and other forms of content that your target audience would likely find interesting. However, the platform also offers several options for marketing your business through Weibo, such as the ability to post videos, create blogs, and create mini-profile sites for your profile. Most of these Weibo social media tips apply to other social media outlets, but it is important to remember that you cannot fully control the content that your followers will see through the trending label that they will give when tagging your posts. In order to ensure that the content you share on Weibo is most beneficial to your audience, it is best to focus the majority of your posts on content related to your target market.

Conclusion As you begin your Weibo Marketing Campaign, remember to keep in mind your audience. Weibo users are mostly younger generations who are more comfortable with online social media platforms. Keep in mind that it is very easy to attract customers to your Weibo page if you clearly communicate your target audience with your profile information, as well as the content you share. Remember to stay connected to your local community and inform them about your local businesses. Once your audience engages with your content and begins to look for your products and services, you will find that marketing through Weibo is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available today.

Clubhouse Marketing: How It Can Help Your Business

Clubhouse Marketing takes the audio experience to an entirely new level. As Clubhouse gains popularity, many are jumping on the band wagon to create buzz and get more exposure for their upcoming events. As Clubhouse grows in size and influence, many entrepreneurs are left wondering if it’s smarter to be an entrepreneur, rather than become a Clubhouse member. And with that, Clubhouse Marketing has become the new form of social media marketing; not entirely unlike podcasts, but interactive, unscripted, and informative; something you and your friends can interact with to create buzz and make money!

Clubhouse Marketing isn’t a brand or a business per se. Rather, it is a marketing strategy that uses social media as a platform for developing brand recognition, increasing visibility, and creating relationships with customers. It is a strategy that allows you to be heard beyond the walls of your email, podcast, video channels, and social media outlets. Rather, it’s a unique combination of an existing business with the opportunity to leverage social media and its millions of followers. That’s because Clubhouse brings together all of those elements into one neat package-an audio/video blog that you can host and post to your social media outlets.

To begin, you create an account, invite guests, add content, and start having conversations with them. Clubhouse features the ability to create profiles, which allow you to invite guests based on location, interests, and demographics. You can also join forums and place threads that are visible to your audience. You can also leave comments on other people’s blogs and threads, and connect with the people through Facebook and Twitter. You can build relationships with many of these individuals, and over time, those connections will grow into loyal customers who want to hear what you have to say next.

The real power of Clubhouse Marketing lies in the viral nature of its interactive nature. Because you can record your podcasts, and then upload them to your own social media sites, you create a direct link between your company and your listeners. People see your podcast feed, come to your website, listen to your discussions, and interact with you and other members of the Clubhouse community. Each time they return to the site, they are exposed to new and useful information about your brand.

Many social media platform owners are turning their apps into Clubhouse Marketing vehicles as well. Many apps provide easy access to podcasts so that marketers can have conversations with their audience, and build strong relationships within their groups. With the development of the Apple Podcasts application and the ongoing evolution of the networking world, Clubhouse Marketing could become a truly viable strategy for mobile marketers. The application is available through the iTunes store for free, but paying a small one time fee may get you quick boosts in popularity and traffic. If you have an iPhone, you will love listening to your podcasts through the Podcast app.

If you have not yet created a social media platform for your business’ needs, you should consider doing so right away. The Clubhouse application allows you to connect with your customers in ways that simply cannot be reached by email, social media, or direct mail. In addition to Clubhouse Marketing advantages, a social app offers several other opportunities for marketers looking to create a viral marketing strategy around their products and services. Once you have built a community around your product or service, you can use the app to conduct customer feedback surveys, give out advice to clients, create a Q&A section on your site, or anything else that you can think of that would make it easy for you and your customers to share valuable information.

SEO Is Not All About Putting New Websites On The Web

Online Marketing

SEO Is Not All About Putting New Websites On The Web

Online marketing is the process of leveraging various web-based channels to promote a business s brand, product, or service to its global potential consumers. The techniques and methods used for online marketing comprise email, social media, pay per click, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, banner advertisement, and many more. Online marketing has emerged as a major way to enhance brand awareness, drive sales, generate leads, and expand markets. Brand building is an integral part of any marketing strategy that is based on Internet. It requires research, an understanding of your market, and a well crafted marketing plan.

One of the most effective ways to drive brand awareness is digital marketing. Digital marketing consists of using the Internet to promote a business without having to spend money or produce a hard copy. This strategy helps businesses in creating a solid subscriber base, driving sales, and increasing their visibility in the marketplace. In order to be successful with a digital marketing campaign, a business must be strategic about the approach and choose the mediums that are most appropriate to their industry.

There are four main components of online marketing. Among these are search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, digital marketing, and analytics. These four combine to create a comprehensive strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO), which includes factors such as keyword density, meta-tag placement, and site navigation, is a critical component in online marketing. SEO requires an expert, such as a professional copywriter or designer, to work closely with the client to determine the best keywords, page content, titles, headings, URL, and Meta tags, that will result in high search engine rankings. This enables online business owners to effectively compete in the marketplace.

Social media marketing is a combination of creating a presence on social networks, and using the platforms to advertise the business. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are some of the social media channels, which are used to increase exposure. Digital marketing is a term that encompasses the full range of available advertising methods, including pay per click (PPC), paid inclusion, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, and text message marketing, to name a few.

Traditional Marketing Although traditional marketing channels have also evolved over time, they still have plenty of uses. Most companies choose to use traditional marketing because it is fast, efficient, and inexpensive, especially when compared to online marketing campaigns. For example, radio and television ads cost less per viewer than online campaigns, because of the long shelf life of TV and radio ads. Traditional campaigns tend to generate more brand awareness, which creates a sense of familiarity for consumers, which can help increase customer loyalty and ultimately increase sales.

Content Marketing, such as news, videos, blogs, and articles, is another important aspect of SEO. SEO content marketing can benefit your company by increasing the visibility of your website in search results. Search engine optimization content marketing campaigns can incorporate videos and audios, which are another way to increase SEO and create brand awareness. In order to optimize your company’s internet presence, it is helpful to combine SEO with traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Media Impacting Consumer behaviors

Digital media is the part of advertising that uses digital and web based technologies like desktop computers, hand held electronic devices, cellular phones, and many other media and platforms for marketing purposes. Its development in the late 1990s and early 2000s changed the way companies and brands utilize technology for promoting their products and services. Flexibility in using tools that enhance the business and create brand loyalty is what is being offered by this marketing strategy. The key performance indicators that one should consider when evaluating digital media performance include: engagement, response, conversion, revenue, return on investment, cost of service, cost and schedule of change, and competitive performance. These are just some of the factors that make digital marketing important in today’s market.

Engagement is a measure of the total number of people who have accessed a website over a period of time. The higher the engagement level, the more popular and well recognized the brand. Response is a measurement of actual visitors to the site from search engines and social media. It is also considered part of the quality score used in measuring ROI (Return on Investment) for digital media platforms. Conversion is a measurable action that conveys a consumer’s impression of a brand or product.

Ad Response is measured with respect to the amount of time consumers spend on a web page when they are viewing content or ads. Ad response rates can be calculated with a simple equation such as conversion = (number of seconds per ad divided by number of views). This ratio tells advertisers how successful a campaign is. Revenue is the total amount of money generated from the revenue of ads displayed on digital platforms.

Content marketing has become an integral part of any advertising strategy. Digital media is very flexible in the type and range of content it can accommodate. It can be used for news, information, entertainment, real-world data, current affairs, sports and much more. The more flexible the content, the better it will perform in the market.

Social Media is a platform that has affected Digital Media in many ways. With more consumers being connected to the internet through their smartphones, it is easy to see why Social Media has become such an important part of the strategy. In a world where everyone is busy, social media allows companies to reach consumers when they are not busy. Using location-based services like Instinct for Social Ads, marketers can reach consumers at the right time in their lives through their mobile devices.

Digital Media is the most effective way to reach the youngest and largest demographic. Through a combination of content, entertainment and social networks, brands can connect with new audiences. Brands that understand the importance of content can appeal to a younger audience and gain new fans. Consumers can turn to their trusted media outlets for advice on everything from entertainment to local events. Digital Media is creating an impact that will last for years to come.

How to Make Money Online Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How to Make Money Online Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers and target specific audiences. YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace are some of the more popular SMM platforms that have been around for several years. Facebook, of course, is currently the biggest social media platform of choice for many companies, including those specializing in e-commerce businesses.

YouTube is perhaps the largest social media platform, and is second only to Facebook. The video sharing website has over one billion daily users and continues to grow. In fact, studies show that more than half of all internet traffic is coming from videos posted on YouTube. It is also linked to the second most popular social media platform, LinkedIn, which is also proving highly successful.

As a business owner or an internet marketer, you should definitely consider creating an account on either Facebook or Twitter. The two websites provide great functionality and allow you to reach millions of users each day. In fact, these two social media platforms are perfect for marketing your product or service, since Facebook is often considered as an effective gateway to selling products, while Twitter can be used to attract new clients and build brand awareness for your company.

If you belong to an e-commerce company, it is recommended that you take full advantage of YouTube and Instagram by posting quality content, such as videos and informative articles, related to your business. Facebook, on the other hand, is an excellent advertising platform for small businesses and is ranked first in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. Businesses advertising on Facebook are seeing more conversions, meaning people actually clicking on the links contained in the advertisements, than they are on Google, the next highest search engine. Since there are approximately 360 million Facebook users worldwide, this translates into an incredible opportunity for e-commerce businesses to advertise their products to potential customers, as well as generate leads and generate sales.

With Facebook ads, you will be able to control the size of your ads, which can range in size from one tiny photo to a sprawling 2 megapixel image ad. Since the demographic of Facebook users are mostly college students, the images on the right side of your ads are ideal for them. You can easily change the demographics of your ads by the click of a button, so that you can target specific groups of people, such as those who are interested in college life or those interested in cute animals. In addition, using Facebook video ads, like the ones you can see on the left side of your Facebook home page, is a great way to create brand awareness for your e-commerce websites. Video ads will allow you to reach out to a wider audience and will have a higher chance of converting a viewer into a buyer.

Finally, by using Instagram ads, you can increase your overall exposure. While Facebook and Twitter allow users to broadcast to their friends, the only way to really be seen by your target audience is through instagram stories ads. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, instagram ads show up on user’s pages when they take a picture with their smartphone, and also appear above pictures posted by their friends. This creates a viral effect and will help to raise your brand visibility, since your followers or fans will see your ad and will probably follow or “like” it. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, it will not show up until someone takes a picture with their instagram camera, providing instant exposure to your brand.

Using Wechat Marketing to Promote Your Wechat Account

WeChat Marketing

Using Wechat Marketing to Promote Your Wechat Account

Since the majority of the internet users are using mobile phones to access the web, especially when they need quick information, Wechat has become an increasingly popular way to communicate. Wechat is not only a single program, it’s a complete ecosystem which is useful for businesses looking to penetrate the Chinese marketplace. In this article we’ll discuss some points which are applicable to anyone looking to advertise in China using Wechat.

We chat is one of the easiest ways to connect with customers and form a strong business network in a short amount of time. It’s free to join and it’s very simple to start using. Basically you need to create a Wechat account, follow the instructions and pick a keyword or phrase you would like to promote to people and other users in your Wechat network. You can then use the chat functions to broadcast your message to everyone in your Wechat network, for free. As you can see from the basic overview above, this is a good way to spread your message as well as get some free social media traffic, which can then be converted to targeted leads.

The simplest Wechat application is the official We Chat account, which allows you to chat in real time with your friends and fans and even form groups if you want! However, as many users have found out, the official account has some disadvantages. The main problem is that anyone with an official We Chat account is automatically added to your followers list. This means that anyone who you don’t follow will be able to find and contact you through your Wechat network, even if they have nothing to do with your business!

To solve this problem, many Wechat marketers have started to create mini-programs or extensions to their Wechat account. These mini-programs are made to act as both a business and marketing platform. There are many different types of mini-programs available, from the simple ones (such as a free tutorial) to highly interactive ones that allow the user to post and share videos, write on blogs, join online forums, get involved in groups, etc. Mini-programs are easy to install and uninstall, and some even provide the option of editing your existing mini-programs to suit the needs of your business. The best thing about these mini-programs is that they allow you to use your Wechat account just like you would any other social media site.

Another great advantage of mini-programs is that they act as promotion platforms for your actual Wechat account. If your goal is to get more followers, you can use the mini-app to direct them towards one of your official We Chat pages where they can ‘like’ your page. As your followers spread the word around to their friends, their We Chat buddies will be able to see your promotions and will be encouraged to join your account. Mini-accounts and extensions also work well when you want to provide quality content for your Wechat users. For example, if you run a shopping center business, you can advertise your products and services through your mini-app. If someone likes your mini-app and finds it interesting, they might end up recommending it to their friends, who will then see your promoted We Chat page and be encouraged to join.

In conclusion, using Wechat Marketing to promote your Wechat account should not be a matter of hassle. Extensions and mini-applications such as the ones we have mentioned can solve a lot of problems for you. You can easily direct your followers to your We Chat page, provide quality content, and get them to recommend your page to their friends. So if you have not tried using Wechat Marketing for your Wechat account yet, I highly suggest that you take a look at how it can help you!

Why Should You Create a Digital Marketing Plan For Your Business?

Digital marketing strategy is the part of online marketing which uses various internet and web based digital technologies like mobile phones, desktop computers and other similar electronic media and platforms for promotion of products and services. It is one of the latest forms of advertising in the world. Its development during the late 1990s and early 2000s transformed the way companies and brands use technology for online marketing. This article will discuss some of the key benefits of digital marketing strategy which includes:

Digital Marketing plan

Brand Awareness: With digital marketing you get brand awareness for your company’s products and services through social media channels. Unlike traditional marketing methods, such as television, radio and other printed media, you get brand awareness for a shorter time span using digital marketing. Usually a company’s advertisements are shown on popular channels like TV, Radio and prints. But with digital marketing, you can show your ads on a variety of platforms that reach a larger audience in a short period of time.

Cost Effectiveness: Using digital marketing plan ensures that you are able to reach more people at a lower cost. Traditional marketing tends to be expensive and requires lot of resources like money, location, staff etc. But when you use a digital marketing plan for your business, you can save a lot on the above mentioned costs.

High Return On Investment: A good digital marketing plan ensures that you create long-term relationships with your customers. The same marketing techniques that are used in traditional marketing also create a strong bond with your customers. Digital Marketing allows you to interact with your customers instantly. And since it is not about face to face interaction, there is also no chance for your customers to feel that you are cold or unfriendly. This gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Flexibility: A well-planned marketing plan gives you a lot of room to innovate and make changes to your plan as per customer demand and brand loyalty. You can easily incorporate new ideas and strategies that increase your sales and customer retention. Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to introduce exciting content and media that not only increase awareness of your brand but also improve the reputation of your products. These are some of the benefits that you get when you start using a digital marketing plan for your business.

So if you have been looking for a way to increase your sales and bring in more customers to your website, now you do not need to look further. Digital marketing is here to help you and at an affordable price. Digital marketing also helps in creating brand loyalty. And when you use a digital marketing plan, you can benefit from the below mentioned advantages. Digital Marketing is indeed the wave of the future and its presence can surely alter the landscape of your business.