WeChat Marketing For Everyday Use

WeChat Marketing

You can promote your content on WeChat by using account ads. These are animated slideshows that allow you to convey information visually and are useful to your audience. You can also create a loyalty program for your followers and use rewards to boost the number of followers. Adding video to your WeChat page is another way to attract new users. This format is growing in popularity on the internet, and is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

Brands can use WeChat to grow their user database and increase their follower base. They can also optimize exposure on their accounts by creating creative content and implementing calls-to-action in the comments. They can also invest in WeChat advertising to make their campaign more successful. If you have a website or online store, you can promote your products or services with WeChat. By doing so, you can generate more traffic and sales than you would otherwise.

Besides regular posts, brands can use live streams to interact with their fans. This is similar to Facebook timeline posts, but it allows for up to nine images. You can share articles, videos, or other content. You can also post sponsored Moments ads to promote your brand. You can also create landing pages that include pictures, videos, and adaptive content. You can create several different formats, and post different kinds of content. However, you can use all of these for maximum results.

For WeChat, a brand can create an HTML5 page that helps engage its millennial and Gen Z consumers. This allows users to create personalised greetings and send them to their friends and family. This campaign is seasonal, viral, and fun, and it can also be shared widely. By creating an official account, you can interact with your followers and customers. You can apply for an Official Account even if you don’t have a Chinese business license.

In addition to the WeChat mini-programs, brands should also develop a CRM. A CRM can help brands better understand their customers. They can segment users based on interests and location, and share different WeChat articles with different types of users at different times. Personalized messaging can help you reach more people through WeChat. In addition to using CRM, brands can create a personalized profile. It can even be used to promote their brand.

One of the best ways to get your brand known in WeChat is through H5 format, which is an HTML5 page built inside WeChat. Its pages are usually very visual and allow users to interact with each other through gamification. The idea is to offer incentives to get users to play games and interact with brand pages. This is a great way to increase user engagement on WeChat. For example, a chicken jumping game during Chinese New Year has become a popular WeChat game. This simple concept is highly addictive.