Three Key Strategies for Making the Most of China Social Media

WeChat Marketing

You’ve probably heard of WeChat Marketing, but what is it and how can you use it to grow your business? We’ll go over three key strategies to help you make the most of this social media platform. And we’ll wrap it up with a quick example. In three minutes, the Mercedes-Benz campaign sold 338 Smart cars and drew over 600,000 users to its launch. The campaign generated 6,677 qualified sales leads and 1,751 people paid deposits on their Smart cars.

WeChat’s official account advertising platform allows marketers to easily reach their targeted audience without spending much time on screenering. Because weChat users already indicated their preference, the WeChat system determines which official accounts are most relevant to their interests. As a result, your WeChat advertising message will be displayed only to the appropriate users. The goal of WeChat marketing is to get your message in front of the most targeted audience possible.

One way to get the maximum clicks from WeChat advertising is by using a Mini Game. A Mini Game is a game on which users are enticed to play. Once they are inside, a video will play which contains your advertisement. By placing your ad on the game’s Mini-Game, you’ll be able to tie it into the plot of the game and the incentives the game offers. When people play your Mini-Game, they’ll see your ad before they click it.

In WeChat, ads promote brand and activity, which leads the customer to the e-business. You can also choose to replace the full-picture ad banner with a name-card type with buttons. Coupon distribution is also possible through WeChat advertising, though this type of advertising hasn’t been in full circulation yet. And you can post your ads under other official accounts. That will boost your followers. So don’t be shy about using WeChat Marketing for your business.

Another way to use WeChat is to use a subscription account. Subscription accounts give you more publishing capacity. You can post at least once a day and up to six articles per publication. Subscription accounts are best for content-based brands or small businesses in China. These accounts are the most effective for building brand awareness and position within the Chinese market. If you’re planning to use WeChat as part of your marketing strategy, be sure to download the WeChat Marketing 101 guide for free. There’s no risk involved – download the guide today and share with your colleagues and clients.

For a more traditional example of how to use WeChat for marketing, take Burberry’s example. They have a popular WeChat account, which links to their official website. The luxury brand uses the account to highlight classic styles and recap events in the region. The brand has also tied its WeChat campaigns with local festivals. For example, during Chinese New Year, Burberry curated a special collection of gifts for its Chinese fans.