Creating Your Own Local Knowledge Area With Weibo Marketing

Although Weibo no longer rules China s online social space, it’s still growing fast (read sections below) and is a must-have for online brands wishing to gain online visibility in China. There are 5 main avenues for online brands wishing to gain exposure in China: Weibo Influencers campaigns, Weibo tagging, Weibo videos and microblogging. The secret to getting the most from these efforts lies in the integration of all of these strategies. To help you better understand how to integrate these strategies, we’ve outlined the different ways Weibo helps brand names gain online presence. By understanding how the different strategies work and why they work – you’ll be better placed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Weibo.

Weibo-triggered campaigns A well-designed Weibo campaign will entice users to repost your content with the #hashtag associated to your brand. For example, if your brand manages Chinese fenugreek supplements, you might want to upload a promotional clip highlighting one of the many benefits of consuming Chinese holidays using the keyword “Chinese New Year.” When someone searches for the keyword “Chinese New Year” using the Weibo search engine, they’ll see your promotional clip, get curious and repost the link on their own Weibo page or onto Weibo blogs and microblogs elsewhere in the web. If you use this strategy correctly, you can expect up to 15% of your targeted audience reposting your link. Another important aspect of this strategy is that the reposts will likely be picked up by other users and may result in increased visibility for your brand.

Weibo-tinging microblogging campaigns This microblogging tool enables users to easily repost and distribute promotional Weibo content to popular Weibo microblogs throughout the Chinese market. You can use this strategy effectively for monitoring and tracking Weibo trends, as well as for generating backlinks to your website. Because microblogs are generally updated more often than traditional websites, microblogging makes it easier to target specific keyword terms. When employing this marketing strategy, be sure to include keywords in your tags. Using Weibo as an ideal platform for advertising is only the first step; if you want to enjoy success with this marketing content delivery system, you need to invest in effective keyword strategies.

Verification As previously mentioned, one of the benefits of using the Weibo trending tag is that it lets you verify your authenticity with your followers. To verify your Weibo account, follow the steps outlined in the “awedoken testing” process (you can find detailed instructions on Weibo’s website). Once your verification process has been successfully completed, you will need to assign a trending label to each post. Be sure to use appropriate trending labels, such as trending towards Chinese New Year, for appropriate posts. Be sure to create at least one new post each day in order to maximize the Weibo’s free advertising potential.

Social Media Tips For Using Weibo As A Platform for Internet Marketing Weibo is primarily a microblogging platform, which makes it a good fit for sharing news stories, videos, pictures, and other forms of content that your target audience would likely find interesting. However, the platform also offers several options for marketing your business through Weibo, such as the ability to post videos, create blogs, and create mini-profile sites for your profile. Most of these Weibo social media tips apply to other social media outlets, but it is important to remember that you cannot fully control the content that your followers will see through the trending label that they will give when tagging your posts. In order to ensure that the content you share on Weibo is most beneficial to your audience, it is best to focus the majority of your posts on content related to your target market.

Conclusion As you begin your Weibo Marketing Campaign, remember to keep in mind your audience. Weibo users are mostly younger generations who are more comfortable with online social media platforms. Keep in mind that it is very easy to attract customers to your Weibo page if you clearly communicate your target audience with your profile information, as well as the content you share. Remember to stay connected to your local community and inform them about your local businesses. Once your audience engages with your content and begins to look for your products and services, you will find that marketing through Weibo is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available today.